Who am I?

I'm Lian and I'm trying to balance mummy life whilst figuring out what to do with myself.

I live in a small seaside town in Somerset, England with my gorgeous daughter Juno-Iris.

In my blog, you'll find what I write about is what I love - Family, Day-to-day life, Wonders of the world I come across, Reviews on things that are a must and my never ending quest on finding my new style and purpose in life (besides being a Super-mum)

A few things about me then
  • I'm in my mid-20's and originally from Birmingham
  • I love Vintage things - Films, Music, Fashion everything
  • I think I'm quite good at baking 
  • I'm secretly into metal music (but still love everything else)
  • I'm quite partial to a cuppa and the odd custard cream too
  • I named our daughter after the film character (but I secretly wish I told everyone she is named after the goddess of the same name)

Well that's a little about me and my life, everything else will probably find it's way onto here at some point too.

So pop along and say hi! It'd be nice to see you. xx