Saturday, 11 April 2015

Oh the weather is lovely - Making the most of it!

Fun in the sun with my baby girl. The weather has been great hasn't it. At the moment whilst I'm back at my dad's we have been making the most of the weather, back garden and space.

What's your favourite thing to do in the sun?
Any suggestions to keep the kids occupied this summer?

Friday, 10 April 2015

If I can dream - Panasonic Review

Well everything has considerably changed since the last time I posted. I made the very difficult choice of being on my own and focusing on Juno. 

All this upheaval and change means looking for a place of our own for me and Juno and starting from scratch again. (more on that soon)

One of the most important things for us is being able to watch Frozen repeatedly to our hearts content. The need for this means a new T.V and the solution to this problem may lie in a Panasonic Smart Viera LED 4K TV 

It is a 4K display TV which means it fits four times as many pixels into the screen. So basically it looks like Anna, Elsa and Olaf would be as real as if they were looking at you through a window. (freaky thought really, imagine seeing a scary movie or Jeremy Clarkson that clear!!)

Another thing I love is gaming, and this definitely has the features for it. It has the very latest 4K 50/60p input which means gaming, computers, cameras and camcorders can benefit from a new dimension in definition and clarity. 

The Panasonic Smart Viera is also a 3D TV too, personally I'm not too keen on having 3D at home, but this may convert me. It comes with two pairs of glasses too which is a bonus.

If you are a bit of a technophobe like me it's also very easy to operate and set up, with the help of voice interaction,voice guidance and also E- Help, you should have no problems. With a touch pad controller life could be no simpler. 

You can also browse the internet too as this TV is internet ready and has it's own apps, is blue-tooth compatible and has it's own swipe ans share feature which I think is pretty cool.

At an impressive 65 inches, it may seem a bit too big for me but lets face it, you wouldn't need anything else would you?

If you want more information on this Panasonic Smart Viera TV -  

(* This is a sponsored post on behalf of Panasonic)