Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tea Is Changing - Twinings New Blends

Hey, how you doin? (Sorry couldn't resist)

If you know me, I am a very big tea drinker. I have tried in the past to get into fruit and flavoured teas before but I will be honest, I haven't had much success. They are either too perfumy or have a mint flavour to them. But when I was contacted by Twinings to test out some new flavours I thought this is the time to experiment.

Twinings is undergoing a revolution this month in releasing a wide range of new and exciting teas.
As peoples palates are becoming more sophisticated beyond the basic flavours, Twinings want us to open up our senses and make a stir in our lives, even if it as something as simple as having a different flavour of tea or changing the colour of your mug.

Twinings new flavours are set to re invent the world of tea by giving more ways to engage your senses and making you think differently about what teas are available. They have new green teas, chai lattes, black and loose leaf tea that include everything from a fruity Passion Fruit Ceylon, Bollywood Chai Latte, a Popcorn Green Tea and a Nutty Chocolate Assam to name a few.

Did you know that Twinings have over 300 years of experience in tea so they know quality. The blenders that come up with these flavours have to do five years worth of training!! The selection I was very kindly given is just a smidgen of what they have to offer, So far 27 different flavours will be released from the 26th October, so check them out.

The first flavour I tried was called Bollywood Chai Latte which is a blend of traditional Indian spices and almond. It is an Assam tea and reminded me of marzipan. I don't like the proper marzipan as I'm not too keen on almonds, but this was pleasant and not overbearing.

As I tried each one I was surprised at how unique they were but subtle in flavour. My favourite had to be the English Breakfast and the Apple and Elderflower. I may even try mixing the two together next time. 

If you are wanting to try these new flavours they are out now. 
For more information Click here Twinings new range

Have you tried any of this new range?

Which one is your favourite and have you mixed and together to come up with a tea cocktail?

Speak soon