Monday, 5 May 2014

I am a Morrison's Mummy!

Well I have a confession to make, I am already a Morrison mummy. It is the nearest store in my little hometown called Burnham on Sea to my flat and I shop there regularly. I think its great.

I was very pleased though when BritMums chose me along with many other lucky people to do a bank holiday shop on them. The deal was, to do my normal shop and then tell you guys about it.

Morrisons have just cut their prices on thousands of products and they are staying like that. So with that in mind I dragged Jerome and Juno along to help.

Juno's first ride in a trolley
  When we go shopping we normally just buy for the day we need as it's just round the corner, but this time we decided to try and get things for the week/month. We walked in and Juno immediately spotted the peppers and banana's so they went in. I recently discovered that if i buy loose fruit and veg that most of the time it works out cheaper. But the potatoes in a big sack work out the best at £3.49.

We got some really good bargains and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The only downside of shopping at Morrison was the time we went, it obviously was a bank holiday and the holiday makers were out in force. This didn't stop the cues at the checkouts from running smoothly.

With a few goodies for myself, Jerome and Juno. We managed to get enough to last us for quite a few meals. We spent overall £74.47, got a voucher for £1.50 off next time and we are all very happy.

 We haven't really been anywhere or done anything special for this bank holiday as I have been working but today I came home and made my version of Mediterranean chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots. It was yummy and for afters we had vanilla instant whip and mandarins.

If you want to check out the bargains for yourself here is the link
 and I just want to thank Britmums for making Jerome see that shopping isn't that scary after all.

Speak to you all soon



  1. Sounds very tasty. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.