Thursday, 29 May 2014

My New Kitchen Essential

Well hello there Hope you are well. There comes a time in a persons life when the little things (that may sound sad) make me very happy. One of these things was the anticipation and the arrival of my new frying pan!

You see as you may have noticed I don't get out a lot, so when I got my new Green Earth Frying Pan from Ozeri delivered I was so happy. 

It's called the Green Earth pan because it uses a non-stick coating which also keeps it free of chemicals such as PTFE which can be harmful to the environment. 

The first thing i did when it came was make a bacon sarnie. Our old pans make the bacon or anything stick but this was great. The same night I made a Spanish omelette (fritata). 

It doesn't need a lot of washing, and it is a great pan. But, at £28.99 it could come across as a bit on the extravagance side for a kitchen utensil. This I am assuming is because of the technology used in it. 

Overall, I think it is of a reasonable size for us and a great price too and I have already got my money's worth. When you buy one you also get a limited lifetime warranty too. 

If you want to find out more or get one of these here is the link   

I have some great plans for my blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled

Speak soon  


*I was contacted by Moderna to review this product, although all thoughts and reviews are my own.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Nails inc with Alexa Chung

Well this kind of links in with a new series I would like to try out called my inspirational icons. Where I will let you into some of my favorite people that I admire, respect and love.

Alexa Chung has been a fashion inspiration for many people including me. Her style can be classic and sophisticated but also casual and elegant. I love how it looks like she can just be herself.

Well any way, Nails Inc has teamed up with Alexa to celebrate their 15th anniversary as the new face of Nails Inc. She has created a collection of six polishes priced at £15 each. 

The range will kick off with Alexa Lace in red which will be released in June. Then in August follows,   Alexa Cashmere In Mink, Alexa Silk in Black, Alexa Leather In Black, Alexa Sequins In Black And Gold and Alexa Camouflage.

They look really cool, I love the idea of a leather effect polish and the cashmere in mink is a simple polish that I could see myself wearing everyday. 

If you want to get your nails on some of these head over to Nails Inc now. I think these will be put on my birthday list. 

Do you have a favorite nail colour?
What is your best tips on nails?

I would love to hear them.

Speak soon


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Just the I.T girl

Just the I.T girl
Well I've been obsessing over Arrow at the moment and I love Felicity Smoak's style. I thought if i was here for a day what would I wear. I chose the binary dress and the shoes as there seems to be a bit of colour blocking in her outfits. also she would not be seen without her tablet and glasses. Note the Queen necklace I thought may show her love for Oliver Queen. I really wan't the dress and shoes so if anyone wants to get them for me for my birthday, that would be nice. LOL

Speak soon

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Are You a Little Miss?

Well me and Juno love to sit down and have a story or two, and her favorites at the moment are Charlie and Lola and also the Mr Men and Little Miss books. So how excited was I when i found out that today is the launch of a new character, Little Miss Hug. 

This will be the 35th book in the Little Miss series and doesn't she look cute. Little Miss Hug Is an expert hugger who knows how to give hugs in time of need and also for fun, to her friends. 

For the first time ever, there is a free app to download for your android and I phone that lets you and your little ones unlock a special game, take a picture with little miss hug and upload it to your social media sites.

I can't wait to get my hands on this book, and I hope you can get a teddy of it too as I think it will be Juno's new favourite. 

You can get yours from all good book shops also click here for Amazon and it will go straight there.

What is your favorite children's book to read to your little one (or yourself)?

 I'd love to hear some Ideas.

Speak soon


Monday, 5 May 2014

I am a Morrison's Mummy!

Well I have a confession to make, I am already a Morrison mummy. It is the nearest store in my little hometown called Burnham on Sea to my flat and I shop there regularly. I think its great.

I was very pleased though when BritMums chose me along with many other lucky people to do a bank holiday shop on them. The deal was, to do my normal shop and then tell you guys about it.

Morrisons have just cut their prices on thousands of products and they are staying like that. So with that in mind I dragged Jerome and Juno along to help.

Juno's first ride in a trolley
  When we go shopping we normally just buy for the day we need as it's just round the corner, but this time we decided to try and get things for the week/month. We walked in and Juno immediately spotted the peppers and banana's so they went in. I recently discovered that if i buy loose fruit and veg that most of the time it works out cheaper. But the potatoes in a big sack work out the best at £3.49.

We got some really good bargains and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The only downside of shopping at Morrison was the time we went, it obviously was a bank holiday and the holiday makers were out in force. This didn't stop the cues at the checkouts from running smoothly.

With a few goodies for myself, Jerome and Juno. We managed to get enough to last us for quite a few meals. We spent overall £74.47, got a voucher for £1.50 off next time and we are all very happy.

 We haven't really been anywhere or done anything special for this bank holiday as I have been working but today I came home and made my version of Mediterranean chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots. It was yummy and for afters we had vanilla instant whip and mandarins.

If you want to check out the bargains for yourself here is the link
 and I just want to thank Britmums for making Jerome see that shopping isn't that scary after all.

Speak to you all soon