Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cedar Falls - Spa day (why didn't I take any photo's)

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One of my many mistakes when I write a post is coming up with the idea to write one after I have been somewhere. Guess what? I did it again.

Wednesday, me, my sister, mother in law and her sister, popped into the car and drove up to Cedar Falls Spa  in Taunton to pamper ourselves for the day.

We were greeted by the woman at the check in desk with our bathrobes, towels and slippers which we were to change into. We then had to fill in a form to let them know any problems we had, medical conditions etc, and to hand them in to the spa to sort out the times for our treatments.

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We then had the day to ourselves. I got changed and the first thing I did was jump in the exotic steam room. I had never been in one before and the heat really hit me and I thought I would have to come straight out. But after a few minutes I was loving it, we then went in the Jacuzzi and pool.

We then had an hour before lunch so we went to the oasis room of tranquility with it's comfy sofa's and lighting it was brilliant for a relaxing snooze (which the others did) or a read which I did.

On to our lunch. Included in our package was a 3 course lunch. We had broccoli and leek soup to start, a choice of duck noodles or a vegetable gratin and a fruit salad for after. Each meal is designed to be healthy and also had been made from fresh local produce which I think is great. There was also a salad bar which we were eyeing up as soon as we got in the dining room, it was like a course in itself.

Straight after lunch was my treatment. Included in my package was either a dry float treatment or an aqua jet massage. A dry float treatment is where you lie on this special bed and get wrapped up in warm towels and make you feel almost weightless, it is supposed to be very relaxing.

I on the other hand chose an aqua jet massage which is when you lie on your back on a water bed and the jets of water underneath slowly massage you from your legs all the way up to your shoulders. It was very relaxing and as my job consists of pushing heavy hot food trolley's around it was just the job.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, going in the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Just as we were going to get ready we noticed a sign for cake. So after all that healthy relaxation, we had cake!

We sat in the very old and luxurious drawing room of this grand mansion type spa and had cake. A bit of indulgence before we went back to reality.

I would defiantly go back again as the weather (as everyone knows at the moment is the best and there is beautiful grounds that I would have loved to walk.

I would also recommend Cedar Falls to you guys. It is a friendly and gorgeous place that Is great value for money. The package I had was the Day at the Oasis package and it was £69. There are plenty of other packages available including a half day package too. (Here is the list of packages)

I would just like to thank my mother in law Jenni for my day out as it was her treat, also a big thankyou to my sister Dani and Alison for Coming with us. But the main thanks goes to my other half Jerome who had both Juno and Dani's daughter for the day.

Have you ever been to Cedar falls/ or a Spa?

Speak to you soon.


Monday, 10 February 2014

The Week That Was

Well last week started off with a trip to The Crafty Teacup with Juno and her cousin Eliya. The crafty teacup is a cafe in our town of Burnham on Sea that you can go and make lovely things in, they run workshops in allsorts from scrap booking and card making to cake decorating and knitiing.
Well we went in and had lunch whilst all the girls wanted to do was colour in princess pictures. 

After that i went and pick up my new glasses. ( Excuse my look, I need to look into getting some make up)

Then on Friday after i finished work me and Juno went shopping for some dinner and decided to make pizza's for daddy. Juno had so much fun doing this as well as eating most of the toppings. I'm defiantly going to do more cooking with her now she is a bit older. ( She is nearly 2 where did the time go? )  

And yesterday, before going to work, I decided that I had had too much caffeine so I tried one of my Orange, Lemon and Lime tea's my dad gave me. I was ok, as I am not that big a fruit tea drinker. next time I will try a drop of honey in, that has been suggested. 

Are you into any specialist tea's or drinks? Is there any you can recommend for me as a newbie? 
I would love to know.  

Speak Soon


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentines Loveliness

Valentines Loveliness

Well valentines is nearly upon us. I'm hoping that you all spend the day with those you love and even though I think it's not all about the presents here are my picks for last minute gifts. (maybe leave this page open for a hint or two).

Love Ya