Thursday, 28 February 2013

Welcome Back - Has It Really Been This Long?

Hello, I've been off the radar a bit recently, feeling a bit low about myself and my self confidence has not been the greatest. 

Christmas with Juno was great, she loved opening all her presents and i think more liked her wrapping paper too. Me and J spent time with his family and I got my very own sewing machine.

Since Christmas I've been really trying my hardest in being a good mum, girlfriend and figuring out what I want and if it's worth it to keep this blog up.

Lack of confidence in what I write about is one problem, inspiration is another. Although I enjoy reading about all of you guys and what you get up to, I felt as though my life is a bit dull in comparison. 


I am going to start from now on with a new positive attitude and outlook on life. This is what I'm going to try

  1. Wake up every day with a smile
  2. Don't think I can't be bothered - It helps no one and causes a lot of hassle
  3. Do at least one thing a week that will be just me time
  4. Smile 
  5. Talk to you guys more - I'm sorry if I havn't got in touch
  6. Make some exciting new friends

I hope this post hasn't bored you to tears but everyone needs a rant and a good vent now and then. I just hope you guys are still with me and can help me through. 

Speak Soon