Sunday, 21 October 2012

This week has been..........

Well this week has been a roller-coaster ride I can tell you. Looking at houses and finding the perfect one only to be told it has been taken away and they have found someone else.

I started at a new job Friday, it's nothing permanent at the moment but it gets me out and about, Juno free. It's a lovely café in town and everyone there is so warm and welcoming. If you are in Burnham pop in and say hello.

Mr White's tank has had a makeover and now looks sparkly and clean. He looks so happy.

So, I've been thinking that seeing as though there is about 9 weeks until Christmas, I need to start making some resolutions and must do's for Autumn/ Winter.

These include -

  • At least 80% of Christmas is to be home-made - As we don't have a lot of pennies at the mo, also I think it's more personal to receive a gift that someone has taken the time and effort to make.

  • To get my first tattoo - I was thinking either something like this on my leg as I love Studio Ghibli  and this was the first film I saw of their's. Also I have a thing with black cats, it will represent Kiri and Stewie, my two old cats that I have been brought up with. 
Image from google

  • Broaden my horizons - I've been just in a circle of watching Breaking bad, CBeebies and crap T.V so I think it's time to get back into some other T.V, Film and documentaries that I have a massive list of to watch.

    Breaking Bad Bots - Heisenberg
    Breaking Bad Bots - Heisenberg (Photo credit: Jenn and Tony Bot)
  • Finally, try and get a presentable and decent looking blog that I'm proud of. Eg - Title, Background, Buttons Etc. 

And most of all try and be smiley and happy. I'm on anti- depressants at the moment as I have been feeling down and lost. I'm working through it and even though mine is a mild form of depression (unrelated to having Juno they think), I'm finding it helpful and re-assuring to read and find other bloggers who are going through this sometimes dark and terrible time. (Sorry I sounded a bit like Dumbledore then)

Just another thing, Juno wants to say a quick hello to everyone out there. 

Hi Guys!

Speak soon


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  1. awww, so cute!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. make sure you've entered my giveaway to win 30 beauty products inc essie! it's worldwide too, click here!

    1. Thankyou. Have checked out your blog and its really cool. Have entered the comp too. XX