Saturday, 13 October 2012

Meet our new addition to the family - Walter White

About 3 weeks ago, I popped into my local pet shop to help Dani pick up her hamster for Eliya. I glanced across the counter and fell in love with a bearded dragon. He was the last one left and the lady in the shop told me he may not be for sale as one of the other dragon's had bitten his tail. 

I immediately told the woman that if he comes available i will have him, and yesterday J brought him home.

We decided on Heisenberg for his name after Breaking Bad, but i call him Walter for short. We have also got quite a few crickets now as pets too.

There hasn't been much happening at the moment, I'm just trying to sort out finding a new house that we feel happy about as the neighbors downstairs are making impossible for us to be like that. I'm also making plans for the future either around Christmas or the New Year which will be exciting and also have a few ideas for future posts if I can pull them off. 

Even though I haven't posted in a while, I'm still out there getting ideas and hoping my concentration levels come back for me to get more involved. 

But enough about me, how's life treating you?

Any exciting news?

Speak soon.



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