Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Tatty Devine Necklace

Yesterday I had a knock on the door  to find the postman bringing me this

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on Facebook to win a Tatty Devine necklace and I won!
If you haven't heard of Tatty Devine, you are missing out. They specialize in handmade perspex jewellery, but also create items out of wood, leather, veneer and enamel.

I would suggest checking them out if you are after an piece of jewellery that is different than you find on the high street.

 Here is my Juno Necklace that I won. I chose Juno's name as I have a necklace that means something than just having my name.

I will post a picture of what it looks like on a bit later.
Have found Tatty Devine? What jewellery do you go for? 

Speak soon



  1. Thank you for joining The Higley Kitchen!

    What a great necklace. :)

  2. Oh that necklace is so cool! Love that little birdy at the bottom