Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My top 5 people for Christian Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey

Well I'm almost finished the first book (it's been hard to fit it round everything else and have the concentration to pick it back up) but it got me thinking who I think should be short-listed for the role of Christian Grey it the movie version of the book. So here are my top five choices.

Wentworth Miller

He's got the looks and the charm to pull it off, and everyone went crazy for him when he was in prison break (can you tell I've just started watching it?). The only problem is....... what would he look like with hair??

Charlie Hunnam

If you are obsessed with Sons of Anarchy as much as I am, you will have heard that Charlie plays biker Jax. He has the bad boy style and also the good side to pull it off, but would you go for a blond Christian?

Ian Somerhalder

Do I need to explain? Seem like the favourite at the moment that everyone is talking about! 

Michael Fassbender

Well, he is suave, sophisticated and has done that film shame, so isn't afraid of getting steamy. Personally I liked him in Jayne Erye and X-Men First class. What do you think?

Robert Downey JR

Well, well well. He is a bit older I give you that but he could play a tree and i would still find him brilliant and sexy (sorry J). He has his bad boy image from his younger days, but now shows that he can have a softer more gentler side too.

Who would you like to see play Christian? I would love to hear who you have been picturing. 
Speak soon.

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