Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Is it just me?

This will be a new weekly thing that will be done every Monday (or there about's ). It will ask the question, Is it just me?

1. Are we going a bit overboard with the royal wedding commemorative stuff?
I mean seriously, I'm all for a royal wedding but how can we go from Kate and William mugs to sick bags! Does this mean that the wedding will be so bad that you will have Throne up (excuse the pun) before the say I do? Other pointless commemorative stuff are fridge freezers, activity books and wait for it..........CONDOMS! Talk about milking it.

'When you've just 'Throne' - up'

'One would like one to be safe'

2. Is Katie Price's new show the same as all the rest?
Well it's that time of year, another series of Katie and Alex/Leandro/ whoever's. I admit I do watch occasionally and I thought  seeing as though it had moved channels (from ITV2 to Living) and the fact they had advertised it as a new Katie it would be different. But no, same Katie spending hours and days in the hairdressers and getting surgery. I just hope I don't get too addicted. LOL!

3. Does Lilly Allen do nothing but swear, smoke and flash on her new show?
I absolutely love this programme but all I've seen of Lilly so far is swear a lot, continually smoke and flash her boobs. I think she has an amazing idea that makes good t.v but to keep doing that sends the wrong idea out to her fans and the people that watch the show. Just hope that the rest of the episodes show more of her shop. Anyone wanting to check her out click here.

4. Is Britney back?
Well, Britney's back and she has a new sound. I've heard her new album Femme Fatale and it's brilliant. With a new dance/ pop sound she has collaborated with Will.i.am and I think this is her best album yet.

5. Are we loving Peacocks new £30 dresses?
Peacocks have just released a range of dresses inspired by the 60's shift dress. They are £30 and come in 4 designs. I think that they will last through summer, autumn and winter.

Just one of the 60's inspired dresses

If you want to see more click here

What do you think of this week's musings? I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading. 

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